Winners 19th February

Pam stepped up to be Toastmaster for the evening, and picked Time as the theme, which got everyone's brains flowing.

There were time based table Topics hosted by committee member, Karen Lee. We had a full compliment of 3 great speeches including two Icebreaker speeches from new members Maureen & Daryl.

Ian also collected his First Timer Award for completing her first role in the club as Timekeeper.

It was another fabulous evening, and it was great to see quite a few new faces, as well as plenty of members in the room.


Best Speaker – Daryl Higgins 

Best Evaluator – Achille Ramambason    

Best Table Topics – Sam (visitor)

First Timer Ribbon – Ian Dawson 

Ice Breaker Ribbons – Maureen Magana & Daryl Higgins

Winners 19th February

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On Thu 20th Feb 2020