Club Committee

Didsbury Speakers is run by a committee of members elected annually by the club members. The current officers for the 2019-20 year are shown below (click each role for more information).

  • President

    Simon Calderbank

    The President opens and closes meetings, welcomes guests, fills in for other roles when vacant/absent, liases with Area Governor on office training, chairs committee meetings.

  • Vice-President Education

    Achille Ramambason

    Encourages members to book speeches and schedule them, assigns mentors and encourages members to attend meetings and progress with CC & CL.

  • Vice-President Membership

    Deborah Beresford & John Champion

    Welcomes guests to the room and collect their details, sends an e-mail follow up encouraging them to come back or join. Enters membership details on D71.

  • Vice-President Public Relations

    Kate Gwinn

    Updates club information on website and manages Social Media Footprint & potentially SEO / PPC with budget.

  • Treasurer

    Colin Mazurkiewicz

    Manages the cash, registering members on TI and paying dues, completing accounts return to TI.

  • Secretary

    Natalie Kay

    Records minutes of club meetings and helps to engage members who have not attended for a while.

  • Webmaster

    Karen Lee Turner

    Manages updates and provides support to users of both D71 and Didsbury Speakers websites.

  • Immediate Past President

    Geoff Hodge

    Geoff Hodge

    Supports new committee in their roles and helps out wherever required.

  • Sergeant at Arms

    Kate Bargery

    Meets and greets, opens the night and brings all the equipment.

 The committee is elected to serve a year which runs from July to June. Elections for the commitee take place in May every year, and any member of the club (it doesn't matter how long you have been a member), can stand for election for any position.