Winners - 17th April, 2019

On Thu 18th Apr 2019 by Karen Lee Turner

Winners - 17th April, 2019

Although it was quite a quiet night, due to it being the week of the Easter holidays, it was a really great night with a lot of laughs, a bit of pathos and an educational thrown in to boot.

The meeting was ably hosted by first-time Toastmaster Cristina, who reminded some of us longer standing members about things that we forget to tell people about, like the handshakes.

The Table Topics Master for the evening was veteran (in meetings, not years) member Owen, who brought us some thoughtful, and fun questions based around Cristina’s well thought out theme of Friendship. Instead of just doing an amusing impromptu table topic, Owen challenged the more experienced members to use all 3 things that a good speech should do to:

  • to entertain
  • to persuade
  • to inform

This challenge made for some heartfelt tales and informative table topics.

After the break came the prepared speeches, or should I say speech, after a couple of dropouts, by our President Geoff whose talk titled 'The machines are taking over' was about the good and the bad of AI - artificial intelligence. After that committee members Karen Lee & Simon stepped up to do an educational slot using 3 excerpts from TED Talks.

First up was very 'toastmasters' taken from Julian Temple's - How to speak so that people will listen talk, explaining how to use variety in your speech.

The second was from a TED Talk master, Sir Ken Robinson, whose first TED talk 'Do schools kill creativity', from way back in 2006 is one of the most popular talks ever with over 57.1 million watches. The clip shown was the opening from his second TED talk titled 'Bring on the learning revolution.

The third was the opening few minutes of Clifford Stoll's speech 'The call to learn', which is hard to describe. Watch it and see how you would characterise it.

During and after, Simon and Karen Lee asked the audience what they thought about the different speaking styles and it was really interesting to hear the varied ideas, likes and dislikes. Hopefully everyone there will have taken at least one useful nugget from this group evaluation.


Best Evaluator - Kate Bargery

Best Table Topics - a 3 way tie between Deborah Bersford, Pam Rowley and Jack Kay (who gets a shout out for winning his first ever Table Topics ribbon after 3 years of entertaining us with his  tales.)

If you are wondering why there was no Best Speaker awarded for the evening, as Geoff was only competing against himself, unfortunately Time is the grand ruler of Toastmasters, and going over his allotted duration was Geoff's undoing.


Our next meeting on May 1st will be held in our NEW permanent venue -  Britannia Country House Hotel, Palatine Rd, Manchester M20 2WG - (note - NOT the Britannia Airport Hotel which is close by)


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